Pre-Season UPDATE

Hello everyone! We are looking forward to the upcoming season & it’s right around the corner!

We want to thank everyone again for your patience over the last month, especially with our technical difficulties… we are pleased to tell you we are currently getting an all NEW system set up (clearly it was time)!

Please see below for answers to any questions you may still have:

1. How do I pay for group lessons (this is for anyone who’s payment didn’t get processed correctly, you should know if this is you)?: We will accept payment at the lodge as soon as we open for the season, please pay before Jan. 1
2. Are groups/clubs full?: All groups except Level 2 Snowboarding are FULL. 
3. How do I book private lessons? You can visit to book ONLINE! 
4. When is opening day? Keep your eye on social media… it’s coming soon, but NOT today. 
5. How much snow do we have? A pretty solid base & we’re looking good. #PrayForSnow
6. Can I purchase gift certificates? Yes, you can purchase them in the lodge when we open for the season.
7. How do I purchase a season pass? Visit and click on “Rates” you can purchase them right online. 
8. Where can I purchase apparel? Apparel is sold at Buffalo Bob’s on Washington & will be available in the lodge all season. 
If you have any other questions PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out, we will be in touch as soon as possible.
We can’t thank you enough for your support that makes all of this possible.


Nathan Patterson