2020 Lesson/CLUB Info


Group lessons & clubs begin THIS week on Monday. Please arrive 30+minutes before your child’s group begins if you need to rent equipment. Follow this link for their rental waiver: https://www.mulliganshollow.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ski-rental-Forms.pdf.pdf
-When you arrive to the lodge make sure your child is dressed appropriately & ready to have a great time!
-Check in will be at the concessions counter WEEKLY. Name tags will be given out each week and returned to their coach each week.
-After receiving their name tag we will meet as a group at the bottom of the bunny hill.
The class/group schedule is attached and groups will run for six consecutive weeks.. Please sign up for our alert system by texting “@mhsbgroup” to 81010
– Helmets are REQUIRED, and we do have extras to borrow
-If you have yet to complete payment, please be prepared to do so before your child gets on the hill.
-If a make up class is required this will fall on the 7th week.
If you have any other questions PLEASE email grace@mulliganshollow.com
We look forward to seeing you all this coming week!

Ryan Parsons