About Us

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Mulligan’s Hollow was originally farmland in the late 18oo’s. It was later used as a Boot Camp for training the Coast Guard during WW2. As the buildings were no longer used and fell to disrepair, the area was used primarily for recreation. Finally, in 1963, the last standing building, a mess hall, was converted into the first warming hut for the Ski Bowl. ┬áMulligan’s Hollow was officially dedicated as a park in 1973. Mulligan’s Hollow has been operated by volunteers, the City of Grand Haven and the YMCA. The operations of Mulligan’s Hollow was officially handed over to a non-profit organization, the Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl Association, in 2009.

Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl has made most of its’ progress through the commitment and passion of area donors and volunteers. It has been the mission to make Mulligan’s Hollow an affordable area for anyone that wants to experience the excitement of skiing and snowboarding. Mulligan’s Hollow offers lift pass scholarships, ski and snowboard lessons, rental equipment in cooperation with Reliable Sports, school programs, freestyle clubs and exciting events throughout the season. All of these programs are run at the lowest possible cost and with remarkable quality.

Mulligan’s Hollow has invested in a new lodge, a storage barn, a groomer, snow guns and considerable maintenance equipment to keep the area progressing. All of these investments have only been made possible through fundraising and volunteer efforts. Without these investments, Mulligan’s Hollow would not run as long or with the high quality that it does now. As time passes, more important equipment will need to be purchased or upgraded.

Please consider becoming a volunteer or donor to keep this organization going. Without the community support, Mulligan’s Hollow could not continue as it does today. Consider attending one of our events this season, or make a donation to support this organization.