Freestyle Club



Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 PM

Season or Discount Pass Required

January 16 – February 22 


7th-12th grade

Freestyle Club is for independent & motivated riders, 7th through 12th grade,  who share the same passion for snow, speed, big air, crazy tricks & all things freestyle!

Riders recognize the benefit of Freestyle Club’s laid-back atmosphere as an opportunity for extra hill time as well as the chance to improve their skills through collaboration with their peers. Spending time on the slopes with riders who share the same passion for all things freestyle allows for the fostering of strong friendships in a fun, productive, and independent learning environment.  Members with extensive riding experience are encouraged to share their knowledge, while those with less experience are encouraged to learn and grow. All members are expected to positively contribute & collaborate with their peers.

This is NOT a group lesson or a team; it is a locally-based ski & snowboard club run for members by members.

There is no formal instruction & no on-staff coaches will be present on the hill.

All members are required to wear a helmet & abide by the MHSB Rules & safety regulations.

Anyone displaying inappropriate behavior in the lodge or on the hill will lose their club privilege with no money refunded.

All members’ skiing & riding skills will be assessed on the first day the club meets. Our MHFC assessment is a freestyle-based skills assessment of a participant’s comfort & ease on jumps, rails, boxes & other park features.  Those not receiving placement within MHFC will receive a recommendation towards a group or private lesson &/or refund.

Please note – although we hope to get all scheduled weeks in, there is always a possibility that weather conditions will prevent us from doing so.

Freestyle club will be held on Al’s Run and The Hollow, weather dependent.

Registration is Monday, December 12th at 5:00 PM 

Click the red button below to register your park skier for Freestyle Club.